How to build professional relationships.

How to build professional relationships?

Have you ever wondered why some business owners are so friendly to other people no matter who they are? Well, I strongly believe by talking to people and getting to know them is beneficial for any kind of business. In this case I am referring to the event business.
By communicating effectively and reaching out to people no matter if they are a business owner, college student, vendor or just someone you see out and about may help you in the future. I feel that it is crucial to an event planner in order to get to know as many people as possible with all kinds of titles. By speaking to people and gaining a positive relationship with someone, helps you in the long run. This will help you be remembered and may lead to you growing your business. You never know who you may meet that will be beneficial to you in the future.
After doing some research, I found some ways that are beneficial for meeting new people by building professional relationships in order for your event planning business grow. Among these positive relationships the best people to be in contact with are; vendors, other event planners, business owners that share the same qualities, students with the same interests and anyone who you can relate to and share a professional bond with.
By starting a conversation with vendors by attending the same events, in which you were invited to will help build a connection. Always be friendly and communicate gracefully and respectfully with others. Doing so will help you explore your options and maybe even give you a business opportunity in the future. Some main points while first speaking with someone is to obtain a business card and after a few days, follow up with the person who you engaged a conversation with through e-mail. In the e-mail relate to something you have discussed within a few minutes of meeting each other. This will help them remember who you are. It’s always nice to keep in touch with them as time goes by, you never know when they might need you or you might need them.
Here are some tips that I picked up from browsing the web that will be helpful for building that particular business relationship.

  • Have something to offer them before approaching them. This can be an invite a promotional item or a party favor.
  • Be a friend to them. See if there is anything you can help them with or just socialize about something interesting.
  • Be prepared and always educate yourself on conversational topics. Leave them with a good impression.
  • Get to know them on a personal level and see if they are a good fit for you to work with in the future.
  • Educate yourself on being on the same level as the person you are speaking with.
  • Be focused in the conversation and be open to others comments, but exclude questions that are not relevant.
  • Listen to what they have to say, this will help you learn.
  • Follow through with what you say.

By following these tips and being engaged in the conversation you will have the opportunity to build a professional relationship with anyone. Always make sure you are being respectful of others and be friendly to everyone who you may come in contact with. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your time communicating. You’ll never know who you may start a conversation with.

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