How to market an event.

How to Market an Event?

Some companies and businesses often have trouble promoting. The following information will include the top five tips to follow in order to market your company by using some methods that have helped in the past. The following tips will help anyone to get the word out. These tips will help the general public have a source to view your company and will let you have the opportunity to inform the general public or potential client’s what you have to offer.
As discussed in previous blog posts, this always seems to be the key before starting anything. Always have a date, time and location of the event in mind before you do anything with planning and marketing. By having a date already will help the process and will give you a time budget to where and when the event will take place and let alone help you market for the event.
Here is a list of the top five ways to keep in consideration while promoting your own business:

  • Relationship building and obtaining referrals.
  • Using Social Media sites to get the word out.
  • Organizations website stand out throughout the web.
  • Consecutive e-mails
  • Events that offer outside vendors

Tip #1: Is to build a positive and professional relationship with vendors, potential clients, other event companies and the general public. By building and maintaining a positive statement on people of the outside world will help your business grow. It is important to gain a positive relationship with other event planners as well. Even though other event planners are your competition it is always nice to leave them with a good impression because you never know, one day you might need them or visa-versa. Leaving anyone with good intentions is always a plus no matter what kind of business you are in.
Tip #2: By using Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, etc… will help by getting the word out there to the general public. If you use Facebook you can also gain followers to like your company or business that you have by putting up a promotion. You can post visuals and videos from past events to encourage others to like your company as well. Twitter has the same idea and Linked-in is more for companies and businesses getting acquainted with other businesses. In the long run Social Media works wonders for promoting and getting the word out.
Tip #3: As an event planner, it is always good to have your own website to post new events that are accessible to anyone and everyone. By having your own website allows you to have a general outlook of your company and what you’re all about for thousands of people to see. This allows you to post visuals, videos and tips to potential clients, other event planners and business owners.
While writing on your website, make sure that you include content that grabs people’s attention. It is a good way to inform others of the kind of work that you do and allows you to promote and update new events as they come about.
Tip #4: E-mails are another good source for getting the word out and promoting your events and business that have you done and are going to be doing. By sending out an e-mail is a good way to send reminders, useful information, invites and following up with an e-mail after an event has taken place. This will help inform your followers of the next big event approaching.
Tip #5: Attending other events in your area to communicate effectively with the outside world of events and gaining relationships with other vendors so that maybe next event you can include them at your event. This also helps with meeting new people who are not familiar with your type of work and you can invite them to take a look at what you have to offer. Let alone being a vendor at another event other than your own looks good to other event planners and it shows that you are sort of willing to work together as a team.
I feel that these top five tips for Marketing within a company will help you along your journey. Even if you’re not an event planner these five tips will help with promoting any kind of business of any sort. Remember if the sources are out there and accessible to you, then you might as well take advantage of them. It will also help you become more familiar with a new way of communicating with the outside world.

Good Luck and Happy Planning!!!


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