How to write a professional proposal.

How to write an effective proposal?
Planning for an event entails a lot of little tasks. After meeting with a client during an interview you will have all your questions answered and you will start to put a list of things needed for the event. By doing so will help you get organized and will help everyone involved have a better understanding. After a few days of collecting the information needed you will want to write up a proposal of all things mentioned in the interview.

The basic question: How to write a professional proposal for you and your client to understand? By writing a proposal you will include all items and topics mentioned during the interview. The proposal will include a list with prices and additional notes to keep everything in order. The proposal will also include an estimation of costs of what is needed for the event to take place and will include the estimated price for your labor as the event coordinator. In order to write an effective proposal you will want to include the following:

  • A description of the event.
  • Venue and facilities offered
  • The event program
  • The proposed event budget (estimated)
  • Include a cover page
  • Introduction of your firm and the event
  • Date of the event
  • Meeting Space and Accommodations
  • Food and Beverage
  • Audio and Visuals
  • Conclusion of everything including estimated price

The first step for writing a proposal you should include an introduction to your client by giving an overview of your company and what you offer and what you expect from a client. This will also include a description of the event in which will take place and the audience attending. It is always good to include historical facts about the venue if any found. Provide deadlines when your client should make a final decision to hiring you and the actual date agreed for the event to take place.
After you have the description planned out you will need to construct the format. The format includes a cover page. The cover page basically has the basic introduction for the event. A content page will guide your client through the whole proposal. An executive summary of the event will include the major purpose of the event and will show the outcome in writing. Finally you will conclude the proposal with all mentioned above and it will re-state the summary and include the cost. A proposal should only be three to four pages in length.
When you include dates for the event, explain to your client to be open to more than one date just in case their first choice does not work out. I would say have a total of three to four dates in mind just in case your first options are not available. Explain to your client to keep in mind that holidays are usually the busiest time and sometimes are the hardest to book.
Include the venue and be specific to what the time frames are available and the capacity that the venue holds. Keep in mind that venues have specific time frames to when an event should start and end including set-up and tear-down. Be specific to what is needed before, during and after. Also include venue space dimensions such as square footage and include height. This will help give you and your client an idea of the amount of space that you are working with.
While planning for guests who will attend the event you should include the catering company and the amount of food that will be served. Also include beverages and alcoholic beverages as well. Include the catering prices for the amount of people and if your client wanted a formal sit down dinner, buffet style or cocktail party with servers present. Be specific in the proposal about wait staff. Include what they have to offer and include any additional fees.
Lastly, you will want to include the Audio Visual requirements. Make sure you have the following questions answered: Does the venue offer visual services and if so do they offer any discounts? Does the venue allow outside vendors? Make sure that this is included with the estimation of the price.
The proposal will include all the basic questions such as; date, time, location, expected attendance, profile of attendees, reason for the event, expected results, budget, length of time and sponsor of benefits such as marketing and media coverage. At the end of the proposal make sure to include an estimated price for everything mentioned and be sure to include the estimated price for labor. List your firms name at the bottom along with your information and sign off on this proposal when your client is present. Have your client sign off on the proposal to confirm the information listed is understandable to the both of you. This will eliminate any confusion in the future and your client will have the same understanding as you do. Also remember to have a copy of the proposal for yourself and another copy for your client. Now you both have the same information discussed and this will lead to a successful event.

Happy planning!!!

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