Coconut Oil: The Answer to Our Prayers…Sort of

Growing up, my abuelita would always make me the most delicious coconut candy and ship it to me straight from Puerto Rico. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with coconut. Whether it’s coconut candy, coconut ice cream, coconut water, or coconut chips; I simply can’t get enough. So when I stumbled across coconut oil at Trader Joes, of course I had to get it.

I had heard that coconut oil is a delicious, healthier alternative to olive oil or vegetable oil, but little did I know that it could be used for much more than just cooking.
Although coconut oil has saturated fats, it also contains 50% lauric acid making it more beneficial than harmful. Consuming coconut oil can help alleviate diabetes, reduce fat, reduce risk of heart disease, lower the risk of cancer, and can also help improve blood cholesterol levels. Pretty amazing huh?

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However that’s not all! Here are some of the ways I personally incorporate using coconut oil in my daily routine:

Skin Care
Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, proteins, and anti-aging properties which all keep skin healthy and rejuvenated. I’m love wearing lipstick, so I used to constantly apply chap stick and exfoliate my lips to ensure a perfect pout. Now I just apply coconut oil to my lips every morning and right before bed.  My lips stay supple and moisturized all day long.

Instead of using body lotion, I use coconut oil right after I get out of the shower for silky, smooth skin. Also, if you want the closest and smoothest shave ever, forget about shaving cream and opt for coconut oil instead.

Hair Care
The proteins and vitamin E found in coconut oil aren’t just beneficial to our skin but our hair as well. Coconut oil also contains other components that keep our locks hydrated and luscious. After highlighting my hair for summer, applying coconut oil to my hair has helped restore some of the damage and breakage. I simply put some in a microwave safe bowl, microwave it for 20 seconds, and apply it from my roots all the way down to the end. I then tie my hair up, leave it in for 30 minutes to an hour, and then wash my hair as I normally would. The masque leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny, and stronger than before. This also works great as a conditioner or a treatment for split ends. Lastly, I always add coconut oil to my shampoo; it adds vitamins and leaves your hair smelling delicious!

Click here for some more helpful tips on how to apply coconut oil to your hair.

Oral Hygiene
Forget rinsing your mouth with mouthwash, oil pulling is where it’s at. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, oil pulling is where you swish around a tablespoon of coconut oil for 20 minutes before spitting it out. I do it twice a day, and the results are amazing. At first it was hard for me to swish it around for 20 minutes, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t long before my teeth were considerably whiter and brighter, but that’s not all! There are countless benefits to oil pulling: it detoxes your body, increases your energy, and prevents tooth decay and cavities.

So save money, stop buying all those expensive skin and haircare products, and buy coconut oil instead! It’s a delicious, affordable, and all natural alternative.

*NOTE* Be sure to purchase an unrefined virgin coconut oil, you can find it at Trader Joes for $5.99 a jar. I like to purchase two jars; one for cooking and another for skincare, haircare, and oil pulling.


Click here for endless more ways you can use coconut oil!

xoxo Jaimie

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