Weekend Trip to Ohio

Why not fly to the city where pigs fly?

I woke up at 3:30 a.m. on Friday so I could arrive in Cincinnati via Charlotte by 1:30 p.m. My boyfriend lives in Ohio and I hadn’t seen him since before Christmas.

What I packed for 2 days, 2 nights, and 30 degree weather:

Fleece-lined leggings (to put them to the test) from Victoria Secret. Softest things ever!

2 long-sleeved tops (comfy and winter prints by Pink)

Thick black Jessica Simpson Axon leggings

3 pairs of warm tall socks

Kenwood Towne Center is a great place for my boyfriend and I to go together because they have a Microsoft store, Apple, North Face, and Game Stop to keep him occupied as I go in the stores I want such as Victoria Secret and Express. It is kind of a ritzy shopping mall so we never spend too much time there.

Snooty Fox is my favorite shopping tradition in Ohio. My boyfriend is really sweet about it; he drops me off and lets me take my time in that store. It is like a Plato’s closet… but so much better! It’s a bargain shopper paradise. They have clothes starting at $1 and it’s mainly all major brands. I bought a fur vest, some black dress pants, a blue and tan-striped silk blouse, a Banana Republic dress, and a soft black and white blazer. Buying a whole lot of stuff is pretty typical there so I always make sure to pack light and check a bag because somehow I always come home with more stuff than I left with.

Our favorite food tradition in Cincinnati is a place called First Watch. They have so many healthy breakfast options all the time. One of our favorites is the Avocado Bacon Hash. It has avocado, bacon, tomato, potato, eggs (however you want them) and an English muffin or whole grain toast. If you want coffee, they give you an entire carafe, even if it’s just you at the table.

Last night we tried Eli’s Barbeque. I trusted it because it had a pig on the sign; that’s how you know it’s good barbeque. It was amazing. We tried the sandwiches, ribs, mac-n-cheese, coleslaw, and jalapeño corn bread. I definitely recommend the pulled pork sandwich, and highly recommend you avoid the mac-n-cheese.

I am surprised every time I go from freezing in 50 degree weather in Florida to being not as cold in 30 degree weather up north. There is something different about the cold here and there. Maybe it is the humidity. The moisture in the air makes 50 degrees in Florida feel like 20 up north. It is a different kind of air too. The air is crisp and clean up north, in Florida it is just like breathing inside. You cannot get a breath of fresh air in Florida unless you really work at it in an air-conditioned yoga studio.

Cincinnati seems like it has a lot to offer. I cannot wait till it gets warm enough to take a walk around downtown and explore a little bit.

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