Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you go to the cold, you can expect a cold.
I was in Wisconsin for a total of 3 days, 3 nights and have the worst cold I have ever gotten.
The 10 degree weather may have had something to do with it, or maybe it was because I was so cold the first night that I slept in my sisters bed with her, not realizing that she was sick.
I was kind of disappointed I did not get to try some food from the Beer Bistro, a restaurant where all the food is infused with beer, but I was promised a beer brat upon arrival which made up for it a little bit.
A real beer brat from Wisconsin is unbelievably delicious. You start with raw Usinger’s bratwurst and soak them in chopped onion and beer; you can even use Miller, which basically grows on trees in Milwaukee. Then you boil them in the beer and onion. Then you grill the brats, and then put them back in the beer/onion mixture. With a sturdy bun (no wimpy hot dog bun), and some of those beer soaked onions, it makes all the travel worth it.
Milwaukee has a very cool Third Ward District with old buildings that look like something out of an old New York musical such as Rent. There are no homeless people because it is too cold so you just have the city. In the summer, it makes for an excellent scenic walk, but not in the winter. In the winter you can look at it from the car windows.
There is not a whole lot to do in the winter. I imagine this is why so many people take to the many bars around the city; also, the more alcohol consumed, the warmer you feel… or at least the less you are bothered by the biting cold. Each district has its own feel for the bar scene.
The East Side is known for its house parties because it is right near campus where most students rent out a duplex with friends. Most of Cramer Street down there is college students; college students who are okay with anyone who enjoys beer to join in the party.
A 5 minute drive will take you to North Ave. where a lot of bars geared towards college kids are packed even on school nights. These are very generic bars. They mainly all have a pool table, loud music, limited seating area, etc.
Five more minutes driving South, brings you to Brady Street. Here is where a lot of college graduates populate the bars. Still younger people, (though a little older/more mature than the college group) early in their careers or 30 year-old hipsters, that kind of thing is a typical person who goes to those bars. These are a little more separated to what people like. Bars like World of Beer, a couple sports bars, etc. No clubs.
Lastly, you have the bars on Water Street. Just down a hill from Brady, getting into the downtown area, these are typically the more distinguished places. Bars that cater more to the personality of individuals, figuring people have found out what they do and do not like in a bar by this point. The bars portray a set personality, as do their customers. Cayote Ugly lets you walk or dance on the bar, there is a Redskin’s bar that shows all their games, a Bar Louie for the slightly classier who like to mingle, etc.
Milwaukee was originally set up to be segregated, it would be naïve of us to think that it would not stem to the bars as well.
Milwaukee is the most segregated metropolitan city in the United States. When it was first founded, Milwaukee was comprised of many different groups of people and everyone depending on their heritage, settled and started developing different areas. The Mexican area is the West Side, white people typically live in the suburbs to the North or take up the East Side of Milwaukee by Lake Michigan. The South Side is inhabited by African Americans.
The city is so segregated that the City is required to bus a certain amount of inner-city kids into schools in the North parts of Milwaukee so that they can receive a better education. How they decide who it will be, I have no clue.

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