Bahamas Cruise

Warm air, cool water and far too much food!
Six people crammed into a car with only five seats was not only a little illegal, but also quite uncomfortable; especially when the car ride lasts 4 hours.
We were on our way to catch the Grand Celebration Cruise Ship which would take us to the Bahamas. It was a 3 day, 2 night trip… but really it would have been a shorter flight than the drive to port.
Security was short but thorough. Three ounce bottles of alcohol could not get through, but scissors and lighters were welcome.
Upon arrival to the room we were a little disappointed at why we paid for a room upgrade when all we got were 2 cots pushed together to look like a full bed, and 2 beds that fold down from the walls. We decided to ditch the New York size bedroom and explore the ship.
We spent 20 minutes getting to the deck which made it obvious to me how people would have got lost in the hallways of the Titanic.
Stairways were only accessible at certain points and only allowed access to certain areas. For example, in order to get to the theater from our room we had to go up a floor, down the hall, then up again to the next floor.
There was a theater, casino, fancy banquet hall, medical center, and even a dance club. However, the strangest sight may have been the fraternity with their selfie-sticks. I couldn’t believe selfie-sticks are real and I took at least a dozen photos of them using them.
When we finally got off the ship in the Bahamas, the first thing we saw was miles of large drums of oil. Our cab driver Ken filled us in on how oil is a large export. He said much of the area we were in was for tourists and if we wanted to see the real Bahamas, we would have to go out more than 40 miles from the center.
We decided to walk around and just enjoy the center because of the lack of time. We ate conch, souvenir-shopped, and tried to order a Bahama Breeze in the Bahama breeze; they had no idea what it was.
We were in Freeport and visited the public beach. The bright blue water was as beautiful as the warm weather. The water and the sky mirrored each other in their clarity.
Before we knew it, it was time to call Ken. Our cabby came back to take us to the boat, but not before introducing us to a couple of local drinks. We ordered coconut rum shots that were very sweet, and a local beer called Sands.
Back on the ship it was meal time which was an ongoing display of food lasting almost as long as the time in between meals.
We ended the night with a comedy show.

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