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Hello Beautiful World!

I am in the process of migrating my site and blog to a new host. The process has taken me longer than anticipated. Please bear with me…I am still a novice at website building, migrating, etc. ūüôā Thank you for your patience. I will be back with a new blog post and updated site soon! (hopefully this weekend!)



A Hiatus. Now, a new commitment.

karslogo2014I have been off the grid for several months…six to be exact. What ‘grid,’ you ask? Social media.

It was partly my choice and partly sheer necessity. This post is to share with you what has been going on the past six months and express my commitment going forward.

The spring semester this year was by far the most difficult of my undergraduate studies. I swear, I really was afraid that I would not live through it. But I did! I graduated this summer with my BA in Mass Communications Рwith honors, I might add! I spent a considerable amount of time applying and preparing for graduate school. Oh, and working and going through the legal process of changing my name and trying to squeeze in sleep from time to time. The rest of my endeavors had to be put on hold until I straightened out everything else.

I would like to share with you the video that I made as a final project for my final required undergraduate course: Creative Writing. It is a poem video and tribute to my journey and accomplishing one of the greatest achievements of my life (so far) – graduating from college! I hope you enjoy! Dreamer of Promise

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A Stranger’s Socks

In anticipation of writing this post, I have been struggling with what to write about. Nothing has been heavy on my mind or heart, nothing has been screaming at me to write about…

So, what do I share with the world today?

wpid-wp-1427335801410.jpegI had an experience Monday evening that changed everything. Mondays are my craziest days at school. I have three classes Рa total of six long hours -first class is at 9:30 a.m. and my last class ends at 9 p.m. And I usually jam pack research and studying in between my morning classes and evening class.

Now, let’s go back in time for a bit, first… Read more

Women are NOT Girls

Please, don’t call me a “girl!”

I am NOT a girl.  I am a very proud, capable, self-sufficient, strong, intelligent, independent thinking WOMAN.

Enter the realm of controversy around women calling each other and themselves “girls”.

Woman Growing. Acrylic. 2011

We are NOT girls. We are women! Read more

Gender, Sex & Sexuality…There IS a difference.

Hello Beautiful people!

Lately, I have been privy to many conversations around gender, sex (biological) and sexuality. One reason is that I am taking three classes this semester dealing with different or all aspects of these terms.

Medical Anthropology, Rhetoric of Marginalized People, and Race, Gender and Class in the Media.

The discussions that we have in class are profound. I say this from many angles, but the most amazing angle is being witness to others learning about gender and sexuality on a much wider spectrum than they had ever experienced before. Hearing the honesty and brave questions that come from eager students is breathtaking and exciting. Read more

Change is Blowin’ In

Good Day wonderful world!

I adore that Bob Dylan song, “Blowin in the Wind.” When it is blustery outside, I am consciously aware that change is blowing in and the answers are in the wind. I smile and think of this song. When I was a kid I played the piano. I was given this huge book of songs (most of them were fairly challenging), but I ran across Dylan’s song in the book and learned it straight away.

I had no idea who Bob Dylan was for many many years to come but I loved the song. It would soothe my soul as I played the piano and sang the words. As a young girl, I probably didn’t understand what the lyrics even meant. Maybe my soul knew what the message was, and that is why it brought me comfort. Read more

Fifteen days late…

It has been far too long since I spoke to you, Beautiful and glorious world!

You haven’t been far from my thoughts…I just didn’t let you in on that little secret. Here I am now stronger than ever! The warrior has risen. Sickness is a bitch that I did not welcome into my bed and what makes that plight even worse is the (she) sickness took my voice. Not my spirit voice…but my physical voice and all of my strength.

I had no capacity of brain to write or do much of anything. And it came at a terrible time, I might add…my final semester of school, work starting, and my all time favorite thing in the world…moving! Yup, shit hit the screen door and burst right through, splattering me all over. It came from every direction. Big and small, all particles where indiscriminate when hitting me, while I was down. Read more

Rainbow Tree of Hope

Hello World.

It is a new year and I am a couple days behind on my weekly post. Everything has felt so upside down lately and I have been a hot mess! (At least I am a cute hot mess.) The holidays were incredible painful and I am so thankful they are over.

I didn’t think I would ever be grateful to see Valentine’s decor in the stores! Now, if everyone will just take down the damn Christmas lights and decorations, that would suit me just fine. Surviving the last month without ending up doing something really stupid like picking up a drink was a ginormous feat. Without all the beautiful souls rallying around me and the strength of my loving Universe, I would not be writing this tonight. Read more

Battling the Elephants

An elephant sits on my chest

Four heavy giant feet.

Fear. Anger. Loneliness. Pain.

The way the enormous creature

Might balance on a ball in the circus ring.

But I am the circus and the ball

Crazy and small.

I know the elephants well. Read more

Mother $&!# Mom

Hello world…

I wasn’t even going to attempt to write anything tonight because I am in such an uncomfortable, angry, ugly, shitty place. Then I remembered that the best time to write is when I am feeling most vulnerable and raw. So, stop reading now if you are interested in reading about happy horse shit and rainbows and butterflies. Any sense of eloquence¬†will not be found in the words I am going to express. Read more