Breaking Down A KimYe Relationship


We love them separately, yes of course. But do we love them together? I dont know about you but when we 1st seen +Kanye West make cameos on +Keeping Up With The Kardashians , he seemed to be completely different than the person we see on stage at award shows and on BET’s +106 and Park . None the less, he seems to be compatible with Kim being that she’s a Libra and he a Gemini. One of the strongest compatibiloties in the zodiac according to Although they seem like they could be a match made in heaven we also must take into consideration their lifestyles.

You’ve got Kim, who’s success comes from being a reality tv star. She litterally gets paid to have her life taped and aired on TV. She and her sisters also recently signed on for the next 3 years, seem to enjoy their line of work. 

Then you have Kanye. Legendary rapper in his own right. A bit of a hot head when it comes to paparazzi, something the Kardashian family live for, or at least hold in great value, as credit for their careers. Following in his big brother Jay Z’s footsteps, he is reportedly refusing to be filmed on the show with his “baby mama” as he announced her as to the world, and remain a private celebrity. 

How will the E! network take this dramatic change in dynamic? Kanye has made it clear that his work wont stop for the baby, so Kim has booked a tour bus to tag along once the baby is born. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of one new mother that would want to be on the road at concerts everyday. +Wendy Williams said on the +Ellen Degeneres  show that she believes Kim is on her way to becoming a “single mother.” Maybe because a man who is serious about his family would not address her as a baby mama but as a WIFE. Or at the very least “Wifey” isnt that what she deserves? Even if she is engaged for some odd years, it’s better than being called a baby mama! +Rob Kardashian said in an interview that their father would not like them getting knocked up by people who they are not married to. Maybe thats why +Khloe Kardashian and her husband +Lamar Odom have lasted so long. Even Khloe said that Lamar was holding out sex until they were wed. 

What about the family she is joining? Did anyone see Beyonce, Kanye’s family or any black people for that matter at the baby shower? [Aside from Nene] Theres goes that support system. I feel bad for Kim because not only is she going through the biggest transition women go through in a lifetime, but she is being picked on for being bigger than normal. It’s like HELLO PEOPLE having a child inside of you for nine months is not normal, you are feeding for two instead of one! Who’s to say what your body should look like? Kourtney’s pregnant body?? Umm she was clearly more petite than Kim from the beginning. 

All in all guys, we love her and although this may sound like a recipe for disaster we must pray for them and pray that the lessons meant to be learned, certainly are.

Feeling Misunderstood?

It’s not what you say, it is how you say it

Men are already difficult to communicate with, but I have found that my boyfriend is an amazing conversationist when he considers and analyzes what he wants to say, you know, thinks before he speaks. Whenever he immediately reacts to my arguable comments, there is a trigger that takes him for 0 to 10. On the other hand, when he walks away, takes a break, or pauses even for a minute, he responds so much more calm and with clear thoughts. Some people say they are more comfortable texting because they can simply think of exactly what they want to say in a more precise and more relevant way. Ladies, there is nothing wrong with letting a man take a break and get his mind together, sometimes that freedom gives them peace of mind which will in turn do the same for you. 

Victoria, from YouTube’s “Ask Victoria” says communication is the super glue that holds people together. Even if it is your mom/dad, friend etc. You have to 

be able to tell how you feel because more than likely you may not be emotionally ready to show it as accurately. She explains in the following video that a healthy way to begin better communication is by using words like 

“I feel ___, because I think___” 

When you explain how you feel followed by what you think it shares your perspective of the situation without accusing. GREAT VIDEO

Females and Fathers

Most women and girls alike don’t seem to realize that the very men they are attracted to are exactly like their own dads. They may not see it in front of their face but they will soon come to learn that the qualities they seek for their mate to posses is usually the same qualities in the father. After all, isn’t that your 1st example of a man? Your father was truely your 1st love. You were raised to believe that this is who you are supposed to define and determine a man to be. Be careful when accepting men into your life, most women don’t even take a second to think up a requirement list of who a man should be in fitting their needs. Now, I am not speaking of 100 bulletins like how tall and rich he should be. +Steve Harvey ‘s Act Like A Lady movies will explain that. I am speaking of the traits that will help comfort you as a women who is more than worthy of being by his side. What are the things you know and need that will make you want to be a better more nourishing women to him everyday? What does he have to prove to you before he can even get the digits to your number, your address, your attention?? Isn’t taking some time to analyze a man better than leaving yet another relationship heartbroken and resentful. 

Remember, everything that happens is your karma and God makes no mistake in timing. There is always something you could have done to prevent or lesson a failed relationship. If and when he decides he cant live up to your standards let him leave, do not consider that a failure. Consider it a triumph because you were present enough to see it ending that way and for you to know that you can only move up from here. People are so quick to jump to the next mate tagging along those same issues because you never took the time to grieve them out your life. Moving on means moving through!! You will never know the lesson you must get if you don’t ask to see it. Don’t be the child that constantly puts her hand on the stove, hoping the heat has gone down. Be the Devine Girl who turns it off before the whole house burns down. 

We as females are more mature then men. We know exactly what to ask, how to speak, and what to say. It is our ego and longing for some attention that gets in the way. Well I want to suggest that the very things that are in the way are the very things that will stop you from moving forward.

What A Woman Wants – Hip Hop Influence on Relationships


So today I was on +Instagram and was looking at +Wiz Khalifa ‘s wife, Amber Rose’s pregnant pics. To me, she comes off to be such a classy female who honestly wouldn’t go for a man who promotes recreational, illegal smoking. I couldn’t help but imagine what an interview with her would be like, I thought about the strategical questions to ask and the calculated responses I may get, as I do many people. My curiosity would consist of questions like….


-What makes you feel Wiz is your soul mate?

 -Is Wiz aloud to smoke in the house?
-Are you around him when he smokes?
-Do you ever worry about his health in the future?
-What do you perceive his image to be? Whats a misconception about him that the rest of the world sees?
-What qualities do you hope your son take from Wiz? Why is that important to you?
-When the baby is born, what is the most recognizable scent it will have of it’s father?
-What age will the baby be aloud to smoke weed?

The truth is these are questions she is probably asking herself, and if she isn’t  she should be, because she will find the answers soon enough. Why is it that we refuse to ask questions? We live on an impulse and ignore our heart speaking to our conscious. The young generation who follow the celebrities in hip hop, are being taught to have the same lack of thought.

My younger teenage cousin was singing a song in our car ride to the store, and when I asked for an explanation of the message, she shrugged. Maybe she was lying and maybe not, but she made a choice at that moment, to ignore the thought process of her consciousness. If she can’t or doesn’t care to explain it, why does the music feed her enjoyment? My explanation – The subconscious is being groomed into enjoying lyrics that she is ignorant to. And with enjoyment can lead to acting out on a story she had no true relation or relevance with.

A wise person once said:

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;

watch your words, they become actions;

watch your actions, they become habits;

watch your habits, they become character;

watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Why are music lines such as, “I sweat no bitches, I sweat out weaves,” said by rapper Wale, a catchy line that women choose to sing along with? Is this what we want? To embrace and celebrate a man who thinks correlates woman to bitches, and only sees her value under the covers when her weave is sweated out? We blame the musical beat for the real reasoning of entertainment, but this is precisely how the enemy tricks the subconscious mind into thinking that the action is appropriate. Many fans sing along with lyrics, they have no real interest in those lyrics are no different. We don’t choose to break down what were repeating, and essentially reciting into the universe…

I sweat no bitches ….. I don’t care about females

I sweat out weaves ….. I only care to fuck them. 

AKA: If they aint fuckin I dont fuck with em’.

The enemy wants us to fall so in love with the beat, the sexy rapper, and of course the money he SAYS he has so that we value that attraction and ignore the words were saying. BUT, what we miss in the equation is the overall trick: as we fill our mind with these seemingly “meaningless” words, we are subconsciously remembering them, then eventually acting them out, slowly but surely, day to day. Anything you tell your mind will eventually come to light.


Is my destiny to become a bitch who isn’t good for nothing but fucking?

#TheTruth: Some females won’t dare look into the mirror and ask this question, or worse, they don’t understand the depth and importance in the questioning. Maybe its because they are insecure or don’t have the courage to actually stop and size themselves up with an answer. Then theres always the female who answers the question in all honesty, but goes on to ignore it and keep doing what her man wants, thinking he’s different or things will get better.

No boo boo! Take it from Maya Angelo,

“when someone shows you who they are, believe them” 

We can’t control other’s vision for themselves, but we can focus on bettering our own lives. Here’s a start:




An old friend of mines posted a status, saying that she wished she listened to the voice in her head sometimes…

My reply:

“lol same here! it took 22 years and a fed up broken heart… then i did alot of reading/research on relationships and love and it helped me understand the importance of that voice. Its funny cause I would always think of the voice I ignored after the fact lol. Then I’m pissed at myself, and theres no one else to blame but me. You are your worst enemy and best friend. BIG LESSON: NObody can watch out for you/have your back like you can! …. People break promises but not when its to yourself and theres no better feeling than being proud of yourself!”