The Hidden Colors of the World – Race & Culture

The Hidden Colors of the World – Race & Culture

Forget what you know about black America, Africa, Europe and the remainder of human history stops here.  Do I have your attention? Maybe you are much too ignorant to care. Those of you who don’t care are part of the reason America has the reputation it has today. You are one of countless who bought into the plot of American society. The plot that was made to hate and reject ourselves, let alone the fellow black people around us. No matter how much you hate to admit it, there is something embedded inside of us that questions our beauty while comparing it to those of lighter skin. Thoughts like, “why weren’t I born like the girl with the tamable hair and pretty eyes?” Or “why does my culture have the reputation of a lack of intelligence or worthiness?” Well, unless, of course, it has to do with being a skilled musician or athlete. We have adjusted to the culture of the “majority.” And in conclusion, we have no motivation or inspiration to EVER visit our homeland. We possess shame and have no idea why.

Hidden Colors is a film that exposes the mentality of the modern day black American. Among many other factors, it gives an in-depth explanation of how black America has been manipulated into a mindset of negative subconsciousness. 


Oprah took the subject to another level when she spoke with a few of black Hollywood’s heavy hitting actresses on an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter. #GabrielleUnion , #ViolaDavis, #AlfreWoodard, and #PhyliciaRashad were called the “Cinema Sisters” on this episode. Gabrielle explained her experience fighting for the spotlight in the entertainment industry as one of the few black actresses competing for a role. She stated she would tear other black females down for stealing roles under her feet because, in the acting world, roles for black women are limited and if a beauty like Halle Berry walks in the room it can tear your confidence down. Simply because she is the lighter black woman, therefore she is considered prettier and more likely to be booked for a role over Union.

To those of you who did find interest in the first line, some of the answers you never even knew you wanted are about to be answered. #LilWayne started controversy with the lyric, “I know what they don’t wanna tell you,” he was surely NOT talking about the research revealed in Hidden Colors. Yes, even “#LilTunechi is ignorant to this information, and if he did have this knowledge, it would make complete sense as to why there are countless articles and google links about how he “sold his soul to the devil.” He, potentially, made an agreement to get fat checks for promoting the black image to be nothing other than a horny, dollar worshiping, thug. Its easy to see how some rappers are praised for promoting immoral ignorance in the black culture.

Ignorantly, blacks have been trained to equate #Africa with #slavery, and therefore we are embarrassed of our history. When in reality slavery is an irrelevant factor when speaking on the true essence of African history. It’s the smallest piece of the puzzle if a puzzle piece at all! Our minds have been trained to think a specific way and live a certain lifestyle. Even an IQ test is no exception. Hidden Colors also speaks about other minorities, like Mexicans, and how they too work as talented contractors. Although known as the minority race, we are the best builders, the best hunters and yet have been brainwashed to need none other than the a white man to succeed. When we hear the founders of some of the most biggest explorations and artifacts in history, like the Big Ben in London, we think, “Ben,” an predominantly white person name, when it is actually named after an African hero. The documentary even explains how Christopher Columbus had Africans with him when discovering America, who were believed to have found America long before Columbus. There is reason to believe Columbus was introduced to America, making him much less than a discoverer of the country. But of course, as the majority race in control, he gets the praise. Because blacks were, and in some instances still are a second thought. We work for the founders, we are the helpers, we are not the face of the company, we help the company’s face.

Hidden Colors makes you question things you wouldn’t normally care to ask. Giving the answers that slave masters then, and the executives today try to keep from you. Like how the media continuously promotes positivity within the majority race making the statistical rate of biracial couples grow. Not always because of love but partly as a future investment to have brighter children so the majority can remain in control, continuing to take the credit for all the successes made by a black person. Don’t forget why Obama was allegedly said to be accepted amongst politicians and sponsors. The less you consider yourself black, the better for them and the more their plan is working. OWN also aired a documentary called Light Girls, where the subject of the “one drop rule” was brought up. Where if a person had one drop African DNA, it holds dominance in your overall title of the person’s ethnicity. Hidden Colors explains the real reasons we check off our race on tests such as the SATs and IQ tests.

There are three parts to the Hidden Colors documentary, so much knowledge shared, its hard to believe there is that much disclosed information. Although I have only seen the first so far, I found myself relating the information to my own experiences, asking myself things like, “why is it that if you speak proper English, or appear educated and lacking ebonics, then your acting white?” Not only is it insultingly ignorant, it only makes those who would think such a thing, look as if they are accepting the ignorant label!

If we are so ignorant, the countless inventions, including the fire extinguisher, electric lamp, and the printing press, would have never been invented. These are just three of some of the most important uses in human history. Hidden Colors explains how the piano was created by an African who transformed an African instrument into the shape of a heart and then made the keys into what we see today as a piano. The film explains that African immigrants who traveled here for school are always highly intelligent students, scoring higher than any other race including Asian!

We have so much that we could be proud of, including the beautiful life and land of Africa, yet America fails to promote it. Its arguable that Africa is only seen on TV as the place with diseased, hungry children, who need 0.20 cents a day to live. Our homeland carries the most beautiful stories where our culture and history began!

Even with the information mentioned in this blog, there’s simply too many subjects unexplained and unknown in this world. Some we may never know or entirely understand. I will leave you with some inspiring words spoken in the movie Selma:

 I know the blood descendants of mighty people who gave civilization to the world. People who survived the holes of slave ships across vast oceans, people innovate, create and loved, despite pressures and tortures unimaginable. They are in our bloodstream pumping our hearts every second. They have prepared you…you are already prepared.

Black is Power

Black is Smart

Black is Beautiful