Reinventing The Dashiki – The Newest Trend

Reinventing The Dashiki – The Newest Trend

The classic, colorful African print is constantly evolving into reinvented styles among dresses, purses and even men’s wear. The Dashiki has been publicly redefined in fashion with a modern twist, and we’ve seen it throughout social media time and time again.

Who can forget Kyemah McEntyre, the 18-year-old who designed her own African-inspired prom dress? She is the designer behind actress/singer, Naturi Naughton’s red carpet gown for the 2015 BET Awards.



The African prints don’t stop on the red carpet, take a look at some of my favorite Dashiki styles sweeping the streets.

In this mermaid-shaped number, I find the African textiles to be hitting all the right places on this caramel beauty. The bright orange and red, against a dark green base is a nice contrast. Not to mention, the train, following that classic African hour glass.

Here’s another dashiki-style, mermaid dress done in yellow and red. This couple did it right with their coordinating textiles. africancouple


 You may call this look “daring,” but you can’t deny, sister is channelling her inner queen with this one. The different shapes of cut-outs, tie well with the various patterns of tribal textiles. Her fan-style shoulders are reminiscent of wings, but they are stiffly structured, symbolizing power. The inserted, upside-down triangular shape on the décolleté gives an edge, which goes well with the side cut-outs. 

Now this top is giving me all the dashiki-life that I need! The blue shoulder details match perfectly with the jeans, giving it a stylish, casual look for the afro-headed model. The front shows the classic dashiki design, while on the reverse side, the textile breaks mid-back baring her coco brown skin.


If you’re like me, when you saw this, you gasped with love! This bold, beautiful purse spares no one in the world of dashiki! She didn’t even need a colorful dress to match. Her black midi with red heels allows her accessories to do all the talking – and it’s written all over her face.

This lady shows all the different possible variations of a simple wrap-around skirt dashiki. I love the purple and orange combination. Which one is your favorite look?


And I’ll just leave this one right here. How cute!


Head Wraps – A BOLD Fashion Statement

Head Wraps-

A BOLD Fashion Statement

Whether you’re going for the look of modesty, and confidence or edgy and artsy, a head wrap is sure to take your sense of style to a level that only makes other heads turn.

The head-scarf trend that’s seen sometimes on celebs, is more commonly worn throughout the world than you may think. For centuries, the unique accessory has been a necessity amongst women of all races and backgrounds. 

Eykah Badu had the world buzzing about her one of a kind look, which was not common for the average African American female vocalist. She didn’t represent sensuality, but instead mentality.

Erykah Badu at the 2000 Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles, CA on February 23, 2000  Photo by Scott Gries/ImageDirect
Erykah Badu at the 2000 Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles, CA on February 23, 2000 Photo by Scott Gries/ImageDirect

Another recording artist who uses her head wrap as an official statement of her brand, is singer Yuna. Much different from Badu’s look, she has an effortless wrap whipped around her head. The look is simple, yet artistically interesting.

Porsha Stewart from the Real Housewives of ATL wore a head wrap in one of the ladies trips over seas. She created a simple island look that is cute and eye catching.

Brandy Norwood is no stranger to trying a variety of hairstyles and head wraps alike. If you follow her on Instagram [@4everBrandy] you are well aware that she enjoys her scarves and wears them often.

And who can forget Rihanna in that Swarovski crystallized head scarf that she wore to accept her CFDA Fashion Icon Award? Her hair was the only thing covered that night. Still – Rihanna beautifully tied her short wrap in a do-rag style with one simple knot in the back.


In another fashionable head wrap moment of Rihanna’s, she posed like a true Arabian goddess for Harper’s Bazaar. This scarf has the same twist detail as Porsha’s, but has an upside down V-cut on the forehead to give emphasis on the mind of a woman, [much like an Hindu woman’s red centered-dot] the creative angle of the scarf was no mistake here folks. 


Nope, not only black people can rock a head scarf, the style has been featured in many high fashion editorials with models of all different races, including Kendall and Kylie Jenner for DuJour. 

Here is a trio of the same sort of look with a head scarf. A large head wrap can give more body and boldness to top off the design.


Head wraps are a dominant requirement within the Islamic culture for muslim woman. Contrary to popular belief, its not a sign of oppression, but actually the standard of modesty for the middle east. Here are models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner wearing their head wraps during their visit to Abu Dhabi. That’s right, women are required to dress modest in most places in the middle east.


And women are not the only ones who wear head covers over seas. The men can be seen wearing a Kufi or a Keffiyeh. 

Here is fashion model, Omar Borkan Al Gala, wearing the Keffiyeh. And below him is rapper Nas sporting a Kufi – both fashionable and common within the Arabic and African culture.


b98fd1953b0ac88fdf253a210530c6f7.341x500x1Now, who told this man that the coral sponge-look was cool? #TheyAreNotYourFriend





I don’t know about you, but everywhere I turn, there is another Balmain creation taking the red carpet by storm!

From the Met Gala and the Billboard Awards, to the Cannes Film Festival, the french couture line seems to stay at the top of every celebrity best dressed list this year!

It’s no secret that the Kardashian/Jenner family promote the line as if they were hired to do so, but we can’t lie, the more you see the intricate details of this brand, the more you want to touch it with your own hands!

Well I guess promoting Balmain would come easy to a family whose besties with the designer.

But that is what makes the news of Balmain pairing up with H&M SO MUCH SWEETER!

It turns out, you don’t have to be rich and famous to dress like you’re rich and famous! Designer, Olivier Rousteing, is pairing up with H&M for an affordable collection of some of Balmain’s most sought after, classic looks. He made the announcement on the red carpet at the Billboard Awards, walking alongside these two models to promote a sneak peek of whats to come in the collection releasing November 5th.

HEY, just for spits and giggles [LOL], here are some of Vogue’s picks for Balmain’s most fab moments!