The Trials and Tribulations of Making Healthy Eating Decisions:

Adhering to a healthy food-lifestyle can seem like an impossible task at times. Whether it’s the clean-eating, meal-prep life that’s advertised all over Instagram and social media, with matching little Tupperware all lined up in rows with perfectly proportioned foods, or a diet plan, like Paleo, sugar-free, or worse…..carb-free. People develop a type of routine with how they eat over the years, and I feel like once you are out on your own and planning your own meals, this routine becomes hard-wired into you. You gravitate toward the same snacks, the same restaurants, and it becomes a cycle…which can be difficult to break.
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Importance of Integrity

(From L) Gold medalist Team US Kyla Ross

We see it everywhere.

In media, in politics, in sports, even in our day-to-day lives…people sacrifice their morals and their values for success. Some media outlets glorify these individuals who do whatever it takes to get ahead, placing them on figurative pedestals, giving the rest of the population a distorted impression of their deeds.
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