Social Media Etiquette

9c1e921b18d53c17bfff59b02fe0ef12Social media is now part of the cultural norm. Everywhere, every day you see people Tweeting, texting, or posting to Facebook from their tablet, phone, or laptop. We are glued to our phones and other devices, hungry for news and information we find through social media. Social media has become a great tool for professionals, businesses, and others who like to keep tabs on the world around them. Social media has also become a key part of the job search process for prospective employees and the hiring process for employers. Our online presence has become an integral part of our society and a constant in our daily lives, but what happens when your social media presence hinders your job search or the way others view you? It won’t be pretty. Here are a few tips to help you navigate your way through social media, in a positive way.


  • Steer Clear of Party Pictures. You might have had a wonderful night on the town, but pictures of you with a drink in your hand, bloodshot eyes, and a party scene behind you, are not the most flattering. If you are job searching, party photos can deter an employer from hiring you. It’s best to keep any negative pictures of your profile.
  • Keep It Positive. We all have bad days, but constantly updating your status with “Ugh, I hate my life. When will this day end?” or “I swear, if I have to talk to another customer today, I’ll scream #getaway,” will give others the wrong impression. No one likes to read negativity or posts about a bad day. Keep it positive, and your social media presence will be better off. Furthermore, steer clear of ill-willed trash talk. Friendly banter can be okay, but done right rude language or harsh words should be avoided at all costs. Remember, once it’s on the Internet, it’s there forever.
  • Save the Details. Have a busy day or a lot of errands to run? Your social media audience does not need to know every detail of your day. Social media is great for catching up with old friends, seeing what your favorite celebrities are up to, and for sharing your interests, however, your audience is most likely not interested in the fact that you are at the grocery store or at the gym. If your presence is geared towards fitness or food, then these errands may be relevant, but if you are constantly updating social media with every little detail, this will turn away your followers and friends.
  • Keep Your Profile Updated. It’s important to keep your social media up to date. If you just post once and a while, this will deter potential followers. Post weekly, if not daily, in order to keep your profile relevant and  engaging to your followers and those who find your profile.
  • Engage. By socializing with your followers and those that you follow, you will be able to build up your social media profile and presence, while networking with individuals who have similar interests or who are in the same field. Socializing and engaging your audience will allow you to build connections, while giving your profile a more personal touch.

Social media is great forum for us to share our thoughts, skills, and other need-to-know information, but netiquette is key to avoiding social media disasters. By following these above tips and thinking before you post, you will have a better social media presence and the world will thank you for it.

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