The Foundations of Inspiration

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When I think of the journey of life it seems like it is framed by moments. From birth, to your first steps, graduation day, the day you marry, and the birth of your children. Yes, these are the joys of life that we focus on, but are they really the moments that define us? I would have to say no. Our will to live lies in our ability to persevere, our will to overcome our pains, struggles, downfalls, and fears. It is then that we are able to look back and discover that we are strong, beyond the limits of our bodies and our minds. I believe these journeys should be told to serve as inspiration to us all.

I think the one thing that fuels our desire to push forward is having something to believe in. Hope, for most, including myself, is the factor that gives life purpose. It is the belief, that although life deals us unfortunate circumstances, there is still reason to seek the delights of life. Having complete confidence in someone or something beyond ourselves takes great trust. It is not formed instantly but requires time for broken bonds to be mended, fears to be overcome, and courage to be found.

Fear can be debilitating. It can keep us from the things that we believe will harm us physically, emotionally, and even socially. Some fall short at the mercy of their fears, while others press on becoming renewed in their courage. Fear will continue to be a part of life, but it is important to evaluate our fears so that we do not become defined by them. We must not let our believed shortcomings keep us from the potential that we posses. It is in our assembled courage that allows us to conquer all things, while becoming an encouraging force for others.

The confidence that we can gain from living courageously brings about a sense of peace. A self-assurance that can open our eyes to the fight of others battling fear without hope. I believe it is in this time that we find community, a union of individuals that will challenge and supports us. In return we are able to give of ourselves, sharing our struggles, and triumphs as lessons for those who come after us. This gift is one that is given from the heart and is defined as love.

What an immense gift love is, one that is beyond measure. I once heard a saying; there is no greater gift than to give someone a piece of your heart. If we were to share love with everyone regardless of the lives that we lead this world would be a more peaceful place. It would be a place where we are not kept stagnant by our fear, but restored in our hope, surrounded by an understanding community that shared in a desire of peace and giving. These journeys exist, and the individuals who have lived them, serve as inspirations for those of us who are still discovering our place in this world. I plan to share these stories of hope, courage, community, and love.