“Sky Surfers” is my first complete video package. Filmed over the course of a few weeks, this video is about the compelling and energetic sport of kite surfing. Take in the sights, catch a little air, and ride the waves with the sky surfers of the Tampa Bay area. (3:13)


“Behind the Curtain” is a video produced with Soundslides and gives a behind the scenes glimpse of what it takes to get a theatrical production from the first rehearsal to opening night. Interviews with the director, the stage manager, and one of the stars of the show guide you through the intense world of live theater. Photographed on location at The Early Bird Dinner Theater, located in Clearwater, Fla., enjoy an insightful look into the multi-faceted world of live theater. (5:02)

All content filmed, shot, edited, and recorded by Ian MacCallum.