My name is Jenna Shaw. I am 23 years-old with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication and Journalism and a minor in psychology from the University of South Florida. I love writing and traveling to photograph new things, people, and places. However, I believe it doesn’t have to be far away to be foreign, just looking at something with new perspective can make the ordinary, exceptional.

In case you were curious, here is some extra information about me:


A brief history:

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Whitefish Bay to be exact.
And yes, I am partial to the Milwaukee Brewers and the Green Bay Packers… And I love beer brats.

My activities growing up:
Music: violin, piano, clarinet, and electric guitar
Sports: soccer, figure skating, gymnastics, field hockey, track, tennis, and then later in life was beer pong
Languages: French, Italian, and Spanish

In 2009 I started taking courses at Milwaukee Area Technical College, consequently missing out on all the things Freshmen typically experience.

In August of 2010, I moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida.

In 2011, after establishing residency, I started courses at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

In May 2015 I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communications and Journalism. My minor was psychology.


Random Facts about me:

I like watching movies, but am not a big fan of watching shows because I do not like having to wait to find out what happens next.
If I were a Disney character I would want to be Belle. I like her because she was able to see the good in everyone. This is what ultimately made it possible for her to get the handsome prince. I already have my handsome “prince,” and I am always trying to find the best in people.


Courses I have taken over the years:

Mass Communications and Journalism:

ENG201                English 1(MATC)                                              A             3              Spring 2010

ENC 1102             English 2(MATC)                                               A             3              Fall 2010

ENG207                Creative Writing(MATC)                                                B             3              Fall 2011

MMC 3602          Mass Communication and Society            B+           3              Fall 2012

MMC 2100          Writing for the Mass Media                         A-           3              Fall 2012

VIC 3001               Intro to Visual Communications                 A             3              Summer 2012

MMC 4200          Hist./Principles of Communication Law  B             3              Fall 2013

MMC 4203          Communication Ethics                                   C             3              Fall 2013

MMC 4420          Research Meth in Mass Communication                B+           3              Spring 2013

JOU 2100             Beginning Reporting                                       B-            3              Spring 2013

JOU 4188             Neighborhood News Bureau                      A             3              Fall 2013

JOU 4201             News Editing I                                                   B-            3              Spring 2014

JOU 4938             Senior Seminar                                                 IP            (2)          Spring 2015

JOU 3308             Magazine Article/Feature Writing             IP            (3)          Spring 2015

PGY 3620             Photojournalism II                                           IP            (3)          Spring 2015

MMC 4936          ST: Entrepreneurial Blogging                       C             3              Spring 2014

MMC 4936          ST: Food Writing                                               A-           3              Fall 2014

PGY 3610C           Photojournalism I                                            A             3              Fall 2013



SOCSCI250          Intro To Philosophy(MATC)                         A-           3              Fall 2010

SOCSCI203          Introduction To Sociology(MATC)             A             3              Fall 2010

PSYCH231            Introductory Psychology(MATC)                               A             3              Spring 2010

SOP 4004             Social Psychology                                             IP            (3)          Spring 2015

CLP 4314              Health Psychology                                           A+          3              Fall 2014

DEP 4053              Developmental Psychology                         B-            3              Spring 2014

PPE 4003              Personality                                                         IP            (3)          Spring 2015


General Education Requirements:

HIST211                America Through The Civil War(MATC)   B             3              Spring 2010

ECON202             Princ. Of Macroeconomics(MATC)           B             3              Fall 2010

MATH201            College Algebra(MATC)                                 A             4              Spring 2010

ANT 2410             Cultural Anthropology                                   A-           3              Spring 2012

ARH 2050             History Of Visual Arts I                                   B             3              Fall 2012

BSC 1005              Princ. of Bio For Non-Majors                       C             3              Fall 2012

BSC 2050              Environment                                                      B             3              Spring 2012

EUH 2001             Western Civilization II                                    A             3              Summer 2012

LAE 4414              Literature in Childhood Edu.                        A             3              Spring 2013

LAH 2733              Latin Amer. History in Film                           B             3              Spring 2012

SPN 1120             Beginning Spanish I                                         A+          4              Spring 2014

SPN 1121             Beginning Spanish II                                        A+          4              Fall 2014

STA 2023              Introductory Statistics I                                 A-           4              Spring 2012

CCJ 4934               Crime & Mental Health                                  A             3              Fall 2014

EDF 3604              Schools and Society                                        B             3              Spring 2013

LAE 4414              Literature in Childhood Edu.                        A             3              Spring 2013

BSC 2050              Environment                                                      B             3              Spring 2012





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