I have written things that I love, and things that I hate. Below are some pieces that I enjoyed writing, and I hope you enjoy reading.

Flycast Partners Projects:


Flycast Partners Website

I worked with a team of two others in the creation, design, editing, and layout of the new website for the company.

Facilities Flyer

This was one of the flyers I created for the sales team to use with potential customers.

Email Marketing Example

I worked on a lot of email marketing campaigns for different webinars going on. This is just one example.

Feature Stories:


st. pete dump

I Could Talk Trash All Day

This is a feature story on the recycling program in St. Pete

social media pic

Has social media made us less… social?

With all the advances in technology, are we really becoming better communicators? Social Media is affecting the way we interact socially and intellectually. This is a feature story on that topic.

News Stories:


What’s on Your Breath?

There are not many real excuses for not donating blood. Even after a crazy night out, you can donate blood.

Bella Brava: a restaurant review

A review of the atmosphere, the help, and most importantly the food.

Multimedia Story: