Intersections with the Most Crashes in Tallahassee



In the city of Tallahassee, there are five intersections with the most number of crashes. Those are Apalachee Parkway and South Magnolia Drive, Capital Circle Southeast and Apalachee Parkway, Capital Circle Northeast and Mahan Drive, South Monroe and Apalachee Parkway, and North Monroe and East Tennessee Street.

The types of crashes that occur at these intersections are hit and runs, crashes with injuries, and crashes without injuries. This information can be found at a Tallahassee Police Department website where anyone can look up the data of crashes, along with crime and quality of life data.

Given the amount of crashes that happens at these and other intersections, the city has set up red light cameras.

In an article from 2007, the Traffic Safety Administrator for the Florida Department of Transportation Randall Smith says that “unfortunately, Florida ranks near the top of the list of states for intersection crashes and a third of those are caused by running red lights.”

In August 2010, Tallahassee began its Red Light Camera Safety Program, and the results have been positive. According to an article written that year, the city has seen major decreases in violations when compared to before the cameras were installed.

However, this past September there have been issues with this program. Driver David Arroyo, among others, is appealing his red light ticket. Arroyo says that he wasn’t driving when he got the ticket, so he shouldn’t have to pay. But Florida’s red light law states that no matter who’s driving the ticket goes to the registered owner of the car.

Despite these recent problems, the overall results have been beneficial to Tallahassee.