Resident Assistant

I have been a Resident Assistant for five semesters at USFSP. A requirement of our position is to create content for, design, and make a bulletin board each month. Each semester, we also are required to make door decorations for every resident’s door. Below are examples of some of my bulletin boards. For more examples, visit:

Click each image for an enlarged version.

2014-03-30 19.07.05


This board was under the “Career” topic and gave the steps and gave tips for getting a summer internship. The board also detailed internship etiquette for once they are at the company.

2014-07-13 17.23.39

This board detailed what a healthy relationship looks like. It also gave residents warning signs of a “bad” relationship and gave them proactive tips to getting out of that relationship or resources to help them work through the relationship.

2014-08-22 18.47.44

This board was my opening bulletin board for Fall 2014. My residents were first time in College students, so this board gave them steps to getting involved and making the most of their experience.