I have been a Communications Intern with Equality Florida since Jan. 2015. On Jan. 6, 2015, the ban on same-sex marriage in Florida was lifted. At this point, my work with Equality Florida became about highlighting couples who had been affected by the ban and why marriage is important. These profiles were published on Equality  Florida’s website and social media, as well as Freedom to Marry’s. Some of these stories are available below.

Equality Florida


Dean and Rob


 The Tampa Tribune 

While working with Equality Florida, one of our main battles was bill HB 74111. This bill would allow for private adoption agencies to deny a child’s placement in a home based on the couple’s sexual orientation. To combat this, I worked closely with a same- sex couple, Terry and Jesse Siegrist, to shed some light on how this bill would effect the children in care. Terry and Jesse have five children, three of which are adopted. Together I was able to help them craft an Op-ed that ran in The Tampa Tribune.


Adoption TBO


Freedom to Marry

Dan and Steve


Malene and Carrie


Kimberly and Dore