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About Me

me_10 news2I have just begun my journey as a reporter, but I have already come so far. As a little girl in Philadelphia, I struggled with learning to read. It was a challenge that affected my self- confidence immensely.


With determination, the support of my parents, and two dedicated teachers, I was able to grow as a reader, writer and person. My journey sparked my interest for lifelong learning.


Learning to read comprehensively at age 9 taught me determination. Learning to speak in front of a church congregation taught me self-confidence. Learning from my mistakes—as difficult as they were–taught me perseverance. Learning to interview strangers taught me people skills.


As a reporter, I interviewed a woman living in Utah to get the touching story of her dining room table. I attended a fundraiser to help construct a story about passionate people and their causes. I traveled through a torrential downpour to report a feature about an art exhibit. At my campus paper I have done some stories about campus safety and expansion plans. I have also been able to write interest stories as a contributor for an online magazine known as Her Campus.


It is my hope that in the future I will be able to use my writing skills to produce work for a publications that inspires and serve all that read my work. It is my pleasure to give back through the skill that has shaped me.