Hello & Welcome!

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Hello, my name is Emily Claypool. I will soon be starting my career in Event Marketing/Event Planning. I have always had a passion for working closely with others while creating a successful event for everyone to enjoy. The most recent event that I was able to share my thoughts and ideas to others was by volunteering my time helping The Edgemoor Neighborhood Association this past October with their first and ever Halloween event. At this event I was able to find new and exciting ways to take part in for everyone involved in the community and the general public to enjoy. I am here to help make your party scene lively with excitement and fun for all.
I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Fl. and love what the City of St. Pete has to offer with new exciting things to do while enjoying the beautiful scenery. I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications in Journalism and Media Studies. I have a successful background by helping out with events from volunteer work, internships and working part-time in promotions. My goal is to one day have a career in Event Planning/Marketing. In my personal time away from work and school, I socialize with friends and family and stay active in the community.