Photojournalism: The Ethics

The most important lesson I have learned about photojournalism is the ethics. Photojournalists’ job is to capture the real events happening in society to present in the news. As a result, society holds the same expectations for photojournalists as they do written journalists. They expect the photos to be true moments, not staged stories or manufactured events.   Ethical codes… Read more →

Photography: The Natural World

I love photographing nature. It’s calming, serene and I can always find something that looks cool and different. There is an endless variety of possibilities when it comes to photographing nature. So, where do you start? For me, it was my backyard.   You don’t need a forest preserve or a national park like Yellowstone to find cool nature photograph… Read more →

Point-and-Shoot Photography: Made Easy

  Any person who picks up a camera for fun, without experience, follows the point-and shoot method of photography. You point the camera at what you like, click the button, and you have a picture. Not much thought goes into this kind of photography, thus resulting in less than great photos.   Point-and-shoot photography can be improved with two simple… Read more →

The Photojournalism Experience: Martin Luther King Jr. Parade – Clearwater, FL

Largo High School’s marching band is at the ready before performing the first piece of the day as they march the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Cleveland Street in Clearwater.   John M.B. Church makes a stand marching down Cleveland Street in Clearwater, FL, at the Martin Luther King Jr.  Parade, with signs… Read more →