Examples of Community Journalism: A Review

In my previous blog posts, I’ve covered the definition to international community journalism to community journalism right here in the Tampa Bay area. But talking about the various publications and what they’re covering is vague. So I’m going to go straight into looking at two examples, both local and non-local. I want to go into the specifics and how they’re examples of community journalism. I’ll first start with one of my favorite news outlets: the BBC. Continue reading

Community Journalism: Other Definitions and the UK

Journalism is a practice that exists all over the world. No matter the language, news outlets find ways to inform the public on a local level. In large countries such as the United States, it’s definitely easier to have community journalism. The sheer size allows for all of those small towns and cities to really focus on the local happenings. But what about all of those other countries? Continue reading

Why Bother With Community Journalism?

Community journalism is everything that ‘hard news’ journalism is not. It can be fun, shallow, thought-provoking or even just mundane. But at the heart of it are the people. And sometimes what they do isn’t covered or is minimally covered. This type of journalism I believe is very important and should always have a place in news publications. But before I get more into that, let’s start with some definitions. Continue reading