In this section are videos that are either accompanied by a story or are stand alone videos. Two were for my Media Convergence class, the other for my internship at Bridging Freedom.

All stories can be viewed from the list of stories under ‘Video’ or by clicking on the links below.



Media Convergence

For this class, I had to seek out the stories, take and edit video footage, and write an accompanying story.

Working at the 66th Street Market

This is a video with accompanying story about several vendors at the 66th Street Market.

Watch and read here


Top intersections with crashes in Tallahassee

This is a video and story on the five intersections in Tallahassee, FL that have the most amount of crashes.

Watch and read here


Bridging Freedom

This is a video created for my internship, and is a summary of the organization and what they do.

Watch here